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My name is Quint Guvernator. I live and work in Amsterdam as a hashtag-fullstack web something-or-other. I make chipmusic, usually for and with the original 1989 Nintendo Game Boy. My Dutch is garbage, please help me make it less so.

Revspace changed my life. I was an exchange student at Universiteit Leiden from August to December 2015. I spent much of that time at Revspace, and thanks to lots of help by some great participants, I learned a ton about hardware—a field I had never really touched before. I went on to learn a lot more and got involved in US hackerspaces.

It's nice to be back!

Projects at Revspace

  • lastcall public transit display and alerts from old 16-segment elevator displays, with Sebastius
  • patching the LEDs to indicate when someone's watching cam4
  • a tiny Arduino handheld game
  • a low-poly mask for halloween
  • arduino PWM sound generation experiments (original hardware and the messy Arduino port)

Other projects

  • water valve controller for ACTA with TechInc
  • ledspace clones for my tiny apartment
  • PIC32 badge for the RVAsec conference in Richmond, VA
  • demos for the gameboy written in Sharp LR35902 assembly using rgds