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My name is Quint Guvernator. I studied at Universiteit Leiden from August to December 2015 with a program similar to the EU's erasmus.

Revspace changed my life. In a very short period of time, I learned a ton about hardware—a field I had never really touched before.

Before I left the Netherlands, I promised I would be back "within a decade". Hopefully it won't be that long. The timer is here.

I studied Computer Science and Linguistics at the College of William & Mary in Virginia, and received my B.S. in both fields in 2017. I now work as a backend web developer in Richmond, VA. I worked in Software Engineering research at W&M; machine learning in technical design at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs; advancing adaptive and assistive technology using augmented reality audio with the W&M makerspace. Throughout college, I worked as a freelance web developer and designed sound and music for short films and games.

Outside of my studies, I like to hike, travel, build things, and make music.


  • lastcall public transit display and alerts, with Sebastius
  • patching the LEDs to indicate when someone's watching cam4
  • a tiny Arduino handheld game
  • a low-poly mask
  • a SLURM supercomputing cluster (not at Revspace)
  • arduino PWM sound generation (original hardware and the messy Arduino port)