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([https://revspace.nl/index.php?title=User:Peetz0r&action=purge purge]):
([https://revspace.nl/index.php?title=User:Peetz0r&action=purge purge]):
{{#ask:[[Category:Project]]|[[Project Contact::Peetz0r]]
{{#ask:[[Project Contact::Peetz0r]]
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|?Project Status=Status

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Ohai! I am Peetz0r. Security analist by day, and hacker by night. Or the other way around, because I sometimes work during the night.

I know stuff about programming, arduino's and esp modules, linux, information security, and probably more things. But not everything.

I am a member of three (3!) hackerspaces, RevSpace (The Hague), Sk1llz (Almere) and TechInc (Amsterdam).



ProjectStatusLaatste update
MainsFrequencyCompleted6 November 2022
MonsteraccuIn progress26 March 2022
Thin ClientsInitializing8 November 2020
Compaq LTE Elite 4/50EIn progress12 September 2019
Duinrell + TikibadIn progress28 August 2019
Cube iWork8 AirIn progress2 May 2019
RevSpace AppCompleted
19 April 2019
PeetR0verIn progress14 March 2019
Ik leg een tientje in: Challenge AcceptedCompleted20 December 2017
iMac G4 dockIn progress21 November 2017
Verint NextivaIn progress17 August 2017
AnalogecamsCompleted27 April 2017
Geluidz0rStalled20 February 2017
Lichtz0rStalled20 February 2017