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Languages: ASM (x86+SSE, AVR), C, C++, C#, Obj-C, PHP, Python, ...

Focussed on: Digital signal processing, embedded systems, rapid prototyping, low-level optimization, data structures and algorithms.

Interested in: Robotics, autonomous systems.

Current projects:

  • Vehicle security system (capturing video during vehicle operation + secondary car alarm using Radar and IR motion detection)
  • Digital piano / live performance hardware + software
  • Autonomous weaponized robot to destroy paper planes in flight.
  • Real Time Software 3D Renderer in assembly using SSE instructions.

Can be asked about: Creating music from scratch (classical music theory, digital sound processing algorithms, trackers and procedural music) Programming Assembly, C, C++, software architecture. 3D graphics algorithms.

Credentials: Studied Piano at Royal Conservatory The Hague Studied Technical Informatics at TU Delft Worked on Visualization of satellite data for ESA Worked on Graphics algorithms for Chess Worked on Mobile battle management system prototype for Dutch Ministry of Defense Worked on Procedural music algorithms for Stephen Emmer Working on ITV prototype for KPN Working on Point of sale systems for my own company