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User info Bertrik Sikken
Name Bertrik Sikken
Nick bertrik
Tagline heb ik niet

You can reach me at or

Studied Electrical Engineering at Twente University.

Main interests:

  • reverse-engineering things (USB stuff, mp3 players), working on
  • studying bats and making electronics for recording/listening to bat sounds
  • radio stuff, in particular software-defined radio

Projects I work(ed) on (refresh):

 Project Status
DecodingLoraIn progress
EncodingLoraIn progress
EspWifiTrackerIn progress
LoraWanNodeIn progress
RevRadioIn progress

Project ideas for 2016:

  • Understand LoRa modulation a bit better, ultimate goal is to create an SDR algorithm to decode LoRa without the need for dedicated LoRa hardware. This could be useful when tracking HABs transmitting LoRa for example. See DecodingLora
  • play with the Cypress PSOC5 platform, which combines a ARM Cortex-m3 processor with configurable analog blocks. I'm thinking of combining it with a 24 GHz doppler radar sensor, to process the signal and present it as a USB audio device (stereo signal contains I and Q parts). See RadarOnAStick.

Project ideas:

  • Create a 'HabAlert' android app, see HabAlertApp
  • Experiment with an ESP8266 serial-wifi module, WiFiBat project plan:
    • attach an ESP8266 to a migrating bat/cat/hedge-hog/marten/etc and program it to record a list of wifi APs every day, so the location over time can be determined from the AP-list (use Mozilla geolocation service to convert from AP-list to location), main challenge: keep weight and power consumption low. See my EspWifiTracker project .