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User info Bertrik Sikken
Name Bertrik Sikken
Nick bertrik
Tagline heb ik niet

You can reach me at or

Studied Electrical Engineering at Twente University.

Main interests:

  • reverse-engineering things (USB stuff, mp3 players), working on
  • studying bats and making electronics for recording/listening to bat sounds
  • software-defined radio

New project ideas:

  • Use two old satellite dishes to allow speech to be transferred over some distance
    • Figure out focal point
    • Create some kind of dish mount
  • Create a RFM69HW TNC, based on code by flok
    • Remove 'flok' framing, make it comply with KISS protocol
    • Use 'infinite' package length mode to send typical TCP/IP frames (1500 bytes)
  • Create a 'HabAlert' android app, see HabAlertApp
  • add opus audio codec support to squeezeboxserver and/or squeezelite
    • an opus web radio stream already seems to be redirected to the client, but squeezelite crashes on it
  • create code for remote control of my ZwaaiLicht
    • implement wireless protocol for the NOMZ message ("\x4NOMZ") on address 0x66996699L (no ack)
    • possibly implement a more capable protocol on a different pipe (with ack, learn about extra pipes on NRF24L01+)
    • possibly split control of the light and the motor
  • create a FrontDoorDisplay
    • clearly indicates the RevSpace door bell
    • show short scrolling text messages, e.g. to food delivery people
    • remote control over NRF24, e.g. enable/display the display of messages, set the text to be displayed
  • Experiment with an ESP8266 serial-wifi module, WiFiBat project plan:
    • attach an ESP8266 to a migrating bat and program it to record a list of wifi APs every day, so the location over time can be determined from the AP-list (use Mozilla geolocation service to convert from AP-list to location), main challenge: keep weight and power consumption low.
  • Create better algorithm for detecting heartbeat using this optical heart beat sensor: sample the analog signal at 100 Hz and do an autocorrelation to get a continuous estimate of the heart rate.

Laser cutting: I would like to get more creative with the laser cutter, starting with cutting existing designs, for example: