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User info Bertrik Sikken
Name Bertrik Sikken
Nick bertrik
Tagline heb ik niet

Studied Electrical Engineering at Twente University.

Main interests:

  • reverse-engineering things (USB stuff, mp3 players), working on
  • studying bats and making electronics for recording/listening to bat sounds
  • software-defined radio

Old project ideas:

  • do cool stuff with NRF24L01+ modules, e.g. connect one to the SPI bus of a Raspberry Pi
  • experiment with MQTT, a light-weight publish/subscribe framework for telemetry data
  • put the things above together in some kind of home automation project
  • build a colinear antenna out of RG-6 coaxial cable for the 70cm band (for receiving high-altitude balloons)
  • more radio stuff with the ham-it-up
  • implement dominoex/thor radio mode for a balloon payload, perhaps build a light-weight reusable library
  • come up with an algorithm to determine position/direction of bats as they pass a set of ultrasonic microphones, see StereoBatRecorder
    • I've tried direct correlation, works but sometimes gives errors on bat calls with little frequency sweep
    • Planning to try correlation of only the amplitude data (derived with a Hilbert transform)

New project ideas:

  • Use two old satellite dishes to allow speech to be transferred over some distance
    • Figure out focal point
    • Create some kind of dish mount
  • Reverse engineer the digital oscilloscope at revspace
    • Figure out screenshot image format
    • Try to find if there are other commands than the "send screenshot" command
  • More LedBanner audio visualisations
  • Create a RFM69HW TNC, based on code by flok
    • Remove 'flok' framing, make it comply with KISS protocol