The First Cut

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2012-01-16 - This weekend at the eth0 winter event


The lasercutter is initially funded in large part by two of our not-entirely-broke members, with additional donations from the HXX Foundation] and several other members. The lacercutter will be available to members and non-members alike for a small hourly fee to get the lenders their money (at least partly) back. The cutter needs a few final adjustments, but thanks to the [Laos laser] project it is already very easy to send your design to the cutter through a CUPS driver.

With acquiring the cutter, we can now implement a new currency: trollcoins. Small troll-face shaped coins will represent a value that is slightly proportional to the cost of making one such coin. The idea is that it will become ever cheaper to make these coins, resulting in hyper-deflation. We have heard this is essential for modern currency systems.