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RetroSpace will return

10 December 2011 - RetroSpace has been succesful and fun, there will be another incarnation of RetroSpace in the future. Thanks to the RetroSpace crew for organising this fun event.

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Welding Equiptment at Revspace

12 December 2011 - With thanks to revspace participant Gori, we now have access to a nice inverter welder.

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Welding Equiptment put to use

IMG 20111224 225700.jpg
24 December 2011 - Gori decided to make a LART

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Cloud difficulties at the RevSpace

Cloud ghosting.jpg
29 December 2011 - Temporary redundancy degradation, terminal failure imminent: RevSpace cloud hanging on a single remaining thread.

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The First Cut

16 January 2012 - This weekend at the eth0 winter event, we hooked up the laos laser controller board to the lasercutter and were able to cut our first tests. It went smoothly, and we are now installing the cutter in the space and working to extend the software.

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