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<includeonly>{{#if: Name == Metameet | [[Category:Metameet|{{{Name}}}]] }}</includeonly>
<includeonly>{{#if: {{{Name}}} == Metameet | [[Category:Metameet|{{{Name}}}]] }}</includeonly>

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Use this template in the following way on event pages:

 |Name=Event Name
 |URL=http://www.event.tld/ or [[MyPage]], etc.
 |Contact=Name of person or organization creating this stuff
 |Info=This event is all about Biz and Baz!
 |InfoLocation=This event is held in Doe city
 |InfoOpen=We're open from $date $time
 |InfoTicket=Tickets cost € 42,-
 |InfoSignup=You can signup on the https://secure.websi.te/
Event {{{Name}}}
Name {{{Name}}}

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