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Project Skip
Status Completed
Contact Juerd
Last Update 2014-07-20

Skip annoying music with the skip button.

Indeed, it is very ugly.


press and hold (2 seconds)
press and shake (2 seconds)
replace playlist with random shuffle play

Inspired by Bitlair's skip button project, but with major differences:

  • 2,4 GHz instead of 433 MHz, because nRF24L01+ modules are so easy to use :-)
  • Capacitor instead of transistor logic to keep the arduino running long enough.
  • For now, just a button for skipping, no volume control.
  • Optiboot boot loader instead of a custom one.
  • Uglier case, uglier button.


See also the README files in the Git repositories.

Suggested changes for those who feel like hacking on this:

  • Bare atmega instead of complete arduino
  • Better case
  • Better button
  • More buttons
    • Volume control
    • Play/pause
Skip 2.0

Since the biodegradable case has started crumbling around the button, I (Semafoor) ordered a new button that should enable some additional functionality (volume, previous song) and made a plan for a steel case with some workaround to keep functionality of the nRF module. More info when the button arrives (free economy int'l shipping, so probably in 2 to 8 weeks).