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Project Skip
Status Completed
Contact Juerd
Last Update 2013-09-16

Skip annoying music with the skip button.

Indeed, it is very ugly.

Inspired by Bitlair's skip button project, but with major differences:

  • 2,4 GHz instead of 433 MHz, because nRF24L01+ modules are so easy to use :-)
  • Capacitor instead of transistor logic to keep the arduino running long enough.
  • For now, just a button for skipping, no volume control.
  • Optiboot boot loader instead of a custom one.
  • Uglier case, uglier button.


See also the README files in the Git repositories.

Suggested changes for those who feel like hacking on this:

  • Better case
  • Better button
  • More buttons
    • Volume control
    • Play/pause