SHA2017 kick-off meeting 20151024

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Event SHA2017 kick-off meeting 20151024
Name SHA2017 kick-off meeting 20151024

Duration 24 Oct 2015 - 24 Oct 2015

* Location: RevSpace
* Open from: t.b.d.


||| THe LooSeLy CoNNeCTeD aSSoCiaTioN oF HaCKeRS PReSeNTS |||

  • What: The official kick-off meeting of SHA2017.
  • Who: Everyone (willing to be) involved in organizing SHA2017, teams, team members and aspirant organizers.
  • When: 20151024, Time t.b.d.
  • Where: RevSpace, Spoorlaan 5d, 2495 AL Den Haag.
  • Why: Spreading knowledge, sticking to our beliefs, learning and having fun
  • How: A meeting with talking points, lightning talks in relation to SHA2017, forming of teams
  • E_WAT: Catch: Print "See or"


To be determined: things have not been finalized. This day might be closed off with a BBQ, which probably requires a small fee. Programme, options and facilities will be published as soon as possible.


As an (aspirant / co-) organizer you are welcome to join the meeting. An account, association or anything related to SHA2017 or previous hackercamps is not required.

Please add your name to the below list, or ask someone to do this for you on the IRC channel.

  • 1sand0s
  • cinder
  • Stitch
  • Robin
  • WinSCaP