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Project Rondreizende meukdoos
Leuke meuk voor een rondreizende ruilactiviteit
Status Initializing
Contact Sebastius
Last Update 2020-04-22


A box, filled with useful stuff you'd normally lend to friends in need. A care package for us hackers in need!

We use a 'brievenbuspakje', a parcel that can be shipped without visiting a store, just a local mailbox. It will arrive in your mailbox without having to open the door! Cheaper too! It will cost you 4 euros to mail it to the next person on the list.

Use the PostNL app to pay, and if you don't have a printer, select the letter (350gram-2kg) and write the postzegelcode on the package. This will be 4,40 euro though.



  • Receiver promises to ship the box within 24 hours again.
  • Future recipient quickly passes their address to the hacker above.
  • Weight should remain below 2kg.
  • Play fair, this is not the meuktafel.
  • Receiver promises to update the log below with a photo and some details.
  • Receiver and sender take their care in disinfecting everything. There is still a pandemic raging outside.

Log / Planning

Add yourself to the bottom of the list!

Name Photo of box contents Received on Shipped? Took from box Put in box Any requests?
Sebastius Meukdoos start.jpg - April 2 - ESP12 modules, ESP32, LEDs, LEGO, Switch game, stickers, USB serial, eth0 badges, soldering iron and solder, earplugs, WAGO 221, various sensors and probably more. -
f0x Meukdoos2.jpg April 4 - LEGO, Nokia screen, esp8266 modules RevSpace SMD protoboards, dupont wires, 18650, hook-and-loop-tape, (door) magnets+sensors, devboards, otter sticker, LEDs, 433Mhz stuff, DIN-rail project casing meer ledjes
Peetz0r Meukdoos3.jpg April 8 April 9
  • mini breadboard
  • 2 of the revspace protoboards
  • a weird book
  • Arduino Pro Mini's
  • HC-06 Bluetooth modules
  • more USB-serial modules
  • Pi 3 A+
  • RTL SDR with antenna
  • bigger CYBER
  • more different proto boards
Noor DSC09985 1.JPG April 14 April 15 USB soldering iron + wire, magnets, connector wire, LED stick, project box, stickers LED connector wires, laptop charger tips, display badge, built-in laptop cam, ThinkGeek Timmy sticker, speech bubble stickies USB soldering iron + wire
Boekenwuurm MeukdoosBoekenwuurm.jpg.jpg 21 april 21 april sensoren, schermpje LEDjes, sewable kitje en sensortjes die ik hier op de ooit te gebruiken lijst heb!
Kartoffel - - - - random elektronicameuk, sensortjes etc, spul op verzoek HTU21D, ESP8266 module, 18650 cel, TP4056 laad/beschermbordje, switch spel z0mg?
Juerd - - - - weet nog niet -
cmpxchg - - - - adalm pluto SDR transmitter/receiver -
pepman - - - - Ik heb nog geen idee -
Pwuts - - - - Metertrekker kitje -
Wheeze_NL - - - - TBD adalm pluto SDR transmitter/receiver
joepie91 - - - - Various ICs, USB breakout modules, various stickers, whatever else I have laying around at the time, requests welcome! Rotary encoders, RTL8710 boards, unusual buttons / solderable input devices
You? - - - - - -

Projects showcase

Did you do something with the stuff from the Rondreizendemeukdoos? Show us!