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* 2 x [http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/60178887/  stool ( krukje) BEKVAM]
* 2 x [http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/60178887/  stool ( krukje) BEKVAM]
Supermarket (Gert):
* Magnetron popcorn x 5 sweet 5x salty
* Magnetron popcorn x 5 sweet 5x salty
* 5 cucumbers
* 5 cucumbers

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Event RevKids
Name RevKids
Contact Gori, Gert, gny, Trashman, Sebastius, ...
Duration 29 May 2016 - 29 May 2016
Information A fun packed afternoon in the Space for kids with an interest in technology.

* Location: RevSpace
* Open from: 13:00

WorkshopFlower.jpg ElephantToothpaste.jpg

  • When: Sunday 29 May 2016, 13:00 - 17:00(-ish)
  • Where: At RevSpace, you can find it here: Bezoeken
  • Target age: 4 and up
    • Main criterion is that they are not putting random things in their mouth any more and understand that no means no for safety reasons.
  • Adults are expect to join the fun!
    • Please do not expect us to supervise your kid. A hackerspace is a kid-friendly, but is not the "ballenbad" at IKEA. There will be sharp, pointy and hot tools around.
  • Confirmed number of kids : 29 ish
    • (if you plan to come, register by changing this number or by emailing gori@revspace.nl )

Confirmed Activities

Science demos

by PeterC + Marco. Location: Outside the Sparkshack under the party tent

  • PrinceRupert drops, aka Dutch tears
  • Making silver mirrors
  • Potassium permanganate + glycerin
  • Dancing slime - optional


by Gny. Location: canteen

  • Scratch intro / walkthrough for kids by a kid: write your own game in 15 minutes.

(Video) games

by everyone. Location: the lounge

  • Game cube
  • Vectrex
  • Geomag
  • OpenTilt - in the canteen

Water rockets

by Gert. Location: outside the sparkshack

  • with a bike pump
  • and then for the real work: compressor


by various: Location: Klusbunker

  • Bristlebots (Trashman) - 13:00 to 15:00
  • Bibberspiraal (benadski)
  • LED Flower and Computer seeds (Carola + Annemieke)
  • Dissasembly (pc, CD Rom)


By Crashjuh. Location: radioshack in the Sparkshack

  • Demos and explanation of radio
  • Radio-fox hunt (Crashjuh)


  • Gori & Carola
  • Trashman
  • Gny
  • PeterC
  • Gert
  • Marco
  • Benadski
  • Crashjuh


  • cupcakes - suggested donation 1 Euro
  • popcorn - sweet and salty
  • roosvicee
  • Snack tomatoes, cucumbers and small fruits
  • Coffee and Tea

Preparations and cleanup

If you have a walkietalkie bring it in for the event. Gori has 4, and there should be a few at the space

General prep Saturday evening

  • Prepare 4 or 6 donation jars, mark them clearly
  • Move all scary stuff from the space to either the meukhok or on top of shelves
    • chemicals, sharp blades to be moved high
    • balance scooters to the meukhok
  • Cleaning
    • Sweep floors
    • Vacuum and wipe floor lounge ( You will be the firs one ever to do so!)
    • clean mess and place all tools back to propper place
    • wipe tables
    • empty all garbage bags
  • Making and printing of a nice a4 with program and locations

Science demos

  • Set up Party tent to make sure that we stay dry
  • Partytent is a designated safety zone - goggles must be worn by everyone at all times!
  • Clean up the Oxyacetylene torch nozzle.

Water rockets

  • Check compressor couplings and car tire valve attachment for leaks
  • Set everything up dry under a corner of the partytent
  • Eventually pull power and bring compressor


  • set up projector and beamer up at end of canteen
  • set up laptop for explaining Scratch
  • Bring extra laptop from downstairs

(Video) games

  • Start up the gamecube
  • place Benadskis vectrex on the table
  • place geomags on table


  • Set up table in canteen
  • bring power to table

Soldering and art

  • Set tables sideways to create table islands in the klusbunder
  • close to the door - art, led flowers and disassembly
  • far corner - Bibber spiraal


  • general cleanup and decrapification
  • maybe set up the short throw beamer from the meukhok so that kids can watch the radio waterfall view

Post event cleanup

  • sweep, and if necessary mop, the floors in canteen, klusbunker, corridors
  • dissasemble the party tent, move science stuff back to sparkshack
  • clean up and put the tables back

Shopping list

IKEA - general space supplies shopping, also to be used during revkids

Supermarket (Gert):

  • Magnetron popcorn x 5 sweet 5x salty
  • 5 cucumbers
  • 5 or more boxes of snoeptomaten
  • net of mandarins
  • bag of small apples
  • 2x bottle of roosvicee

Peters Science Stuff:

  • 10g Silver Nitrate: 25 Euro
  • Nitric Acid 10-20 Euro
  • Glycerin (Etos or Pharmacy)

(I'll add more as my experiments progress)

Polarising Filter / Glasses

Donations at RevBank

RevKids costs money. We will ask the visitors to donate in the donation jar, and RevSpace participants are welcome to donate too! Please pledge below. Jar content is added to the RevBank account after the event.

  • Juerd - € 10
  • Sebastius - € 10
  • Semafoor - € 10

Donations in stuff

  • Gori - around 50, paying for the chemicals and components for the LED Flower
  • PeterC - around 25 euro to pay for the remainder of the chemicals + four boxes of lab glassware and my remaining chemicals
  • Gert - spending around € 50 on water rocket launch gear out of my own pocket. Will re-use the rig for other events later this summer too.
  • benadski - Can pay up to € 25 of the already spent 80-ish for the bibberspiralen

Ideas for projects for next time

  • Squishy Circuits (Electronic Playdough)
  • Electronic brain box
  • Mega Duplo Trein
  • Electromagnet
  • Strawberry DNA Extraction
  • Paintbots?
  • PMR446 walkie-talkies