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=== Misc ===
=== Misc ===
* Stick "bombs" [http://www.mayomo.com/100244-kinetic-power-miracles-1000-sticks-bomb]
*  photography
*  photography
**  contactprints: doka, Okkie
**  contactprints: doka, Okkie

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Event RevKids
Name RevKids
Contact Gori, Gert
Duration 2011-10-30 - 2011-10-30
Information A fun packed afternoon in the Space for kids with an interest in technology.

* Location: RevSpace
* Open from: We're open from $date $time

  • When: oct 30
  • Target age: 4-8
    • older kids are also welcome
    • Younger as well, but will need more supervision, as RevSpace is not always safe for very small ones
  • Confirmed number of kids : 8 (+4 tentative)
    • (if you plan to come, please add to this number)


  • tosties
  • pancakes
  • ranja


The precise activities are not yet determined for the 30th, current ideas include:



  • CD-ROM player
  • Old SPARC workstation


  • consoles
  • pinball (including look inside)
  • airhocky


  • Stick "bombs" [1]
  • photography
    • contactprints: doka, Okkie
  • construct something with straws

For the youngest participants

  • drawing / painting
  • Duplo trains (Hans) Gori will also bring in his train elements.

To Dos

  • Make sure there is an EHBO kit. Thre s an EHBO kit in the handwerklokaal
  • agenda definitief maken (incl. medewerking van anderen die genoemd zijn in het voorstel)
  • event announcen (general@revspace.nl)
  • projecten voorbereiden (materiaal, test build, etc)
    • Als alle bestelde onderdelen binne zijn een en bijeenkomst plannen tussen Devnuller en Gori
    • Ergens 1/2 october een middag om voldoende tijd over te houden om dingen bij te bestellen indien nodig
  • inkopen
  • en dan lol hebben met de kinderen in de space