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Because modern electronics components are tending more and more towards becoming SMD-only, and because the associated size reduction can also be very useful for space projects, we need a reflow oven.


Oven has been acquired. It is a cheap 1kW Everglades toaster oven. It remains to be seen if it is powerful enough to reflow in a sensible amount of time. First components for the controller have been ordered.


To be constructed. Will probably consist of a large triac to switch the heating element and a fan on and off in a control loop with a thermocouple. We still need a decent fan to speed up the cooling phase. Needs to be able to withstand rather high temperatures, something from an oven would be ideal.

Preliminary parts spec
Farnell order no. Type number Description Cost
1947871 ADS1118 thermocouple amplifier, ADC and reference € 5.21
4283831 SONDE890 Type K thermocouple itself € 4.76
8598282 - Type K thermocouple connector
- - 16x2 LCD display around €3
1057288 BTA41-600BRG Beefy TRIAC for heater switching € 4.66
1683241 IS620X optocoupler triac driver € 0.49