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Project PulseTransformerChallenge
Contest for coming up with the most creative, off-label and interesting use for the pulse transformers donated by Hack42.
Status Initializing
Contact thomas, everyone?
Last Update 2017-01-03


In their infinite wisdom, Hack42 in Arnhem sent us a whole reel of old 10base-T Pulse Transformers. The exact model we received is the PE-68025, and there are many, many, many of them for us to play with. While discussing this with Benadski, he had the awesome idea of setting up a contest to see who could come up with the most novel and interesting way of using these suckers, in a way they were most certainly not designed for. If there is sufficient interest, I think this could be a really fun project.

To be determined: A prize. Preferably something silly and insubstantial, with a utility that only just matches whatever abomination that ends up winning this most coveted prize.

Rules: None that I can come up with, other than 'anything involving moving electrons and the aforementioned pulse transformer'.

End goal: Whichever entry wins the contest, we will box that sucker up and send it back whence it came at year's end?