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[[has type::string]]
Property type: [[has type::string]]
[[allows value::Proposed]],[[allows value::Initializing]],[[allows value::In progress]],[[allows value::Completed]],[[allows value::Stalled]],[[allows value::Completed]]
Allowed values: [[allows value::Proposed]], [[allows value::Initializing]], [[allows value::In progress]], [[allows value::Completed]], [[allows value::Stalled]], [[allows value::Abandoned]]

Latest revision as of 11:10, 3 October 2011

Property type: string

Allowed values: Proposed, Initializing, In progress, Completed, Stalled, Abandoned

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18650 +In progress  +


Analogecams +Completed  +
Antennes +In progress  +
AudioRecordingKit +Stalled  +
Augurken +Completed  +


BBQ Dak +Abandoned  +
BCR-1 +In progress  +
Bakfiets +Abandoned  +
BalanceMii +In progress  +
BatteryTester +Stalled  +


CNC plasma cutter +Initializing  +
CO2MeterHacking +Completed  +
CPC464 Restart +Completed  +
ChaoticCircuits +Completed  +
Chemicals +In progress  +
ComicChat +Completed  +


DC Regulated Lab Power Supply +In progress  +
DeBASS +In progress  +
DebiSampler +Stalled  +
DecodingLora +In progress  +
Deurding +Completed  +
Doorduino1 +Completed  +
Doorduino2 +Completed  +
Doorduino3 +In progress  +


EncodingLora +In progress  +
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