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This tells the story of how the firmware and software was developed that gives rhococo its functionality  +
A traffic light showing CI build status  +
debugging PCB assembly so we can build a PCB to debug our PCBs  +
Collective purchases of electronic components, for cost reduction  +
Reverse engineering the CC2540 BLE sniffer dongle  +
Chess game based on PoS hardware, such as receipt printers and payment terminals  +
Playing around with a breakout board for the CSS-811 IC  +
Het bouwen van een 3d printer kit uit China  +
CNC Router aanschaf  +
CNC Router 3020  +
Getting a CPC464 without monitor to work  +
New Safety Measures for Chemicals + New Chemicals  +
Reconstruction of a late medieval archaeological find  +
A small configurable electronic circuit breaker that can be placed between your laptop or USB power supply and anything you happen to be working on.  +
Het design valt niet onder de CC-licentie.  +
ComicChat als levend stripverhaal van onze IRC avonturen, live te volgen in de space!  +
I found a 1994 laptop, what can it still do?  +
Water level sensor inside crawl space  +
Een x86 "dualboot" tablet die ook linux draait  +
Low-power LoRaWAN Board  +