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Project PowerMeter
Status In progress
Contact User:FooBar
Last Update 2012-12-03

In the old hackerspace we had real-time graphs of our power-usage. In the new space at the Spoorlaan we currently don't have this yet. While it's inpossible to monitor all the power-usage by the space, as we share a lot of infrastructure with the rest of the building.

We will however be monitoring the power-usage of the main workshop space. In this room there are 3 different 16A groups (currently only 2 connected). These groups terminate in their own fusebox with a KWh meter which has a pulse-port.

These pulse-ports are connected to an arduino nano in the server-room. This arduino will then provide pulse-data on the usb port.

Current status:

  • Arduino connector board: Done
  • Arduino code/logic: Done
  • Wiring from serverroom to KWh-meters: Done
  • Wiring everything together: TODO


  • Get cable glands (Wartels)
  • Get UTP splitter
  • Wire everything up
  • Create scripts/graphs
  • Setup reverse proxy config