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what is it

POV is the (virtual) server managing the webcams. It stores video files of all webcams over the last 2 days.

OS specifications

  • debian stretch
  • 32b
  • virtual machine with 2 cores
  • 1GB ram
  • 10GB root filesystem
  • 100GB storage for camera files



  • motion is installed from the debian repository
  • configuration files are under /etc/motion
  • main configuration is motion.conf which includes cam*.conf
  • as by the design of motion, all its cameras (6 + 11) are monitored from 1 process


  • installed from the github repository https://github.com/flok99/constatus
  • installed under /usr/local/constatus
  • started (currently, 20170903) from /etc/rc.local
  • each camera has its own constatus process - the idea is that if something crashes, that not all cameras will go down
  • video archive can be viewed under where port is 8101 for camera 1, 8102 for camera 2 and so on

The configuration files are JSON files. They consist of 2 or more sections: general, source and then optional sections. Every other section (apart from video loopback) have an array of entries for their data. E.g.

Recording Specifications

  • 5 FPS video files
  • 2 FPS HTTP web interface


Number Stream port HTML port Physical device protocol Where
CAM 1 8084 8101 RTSP hanging above the 3D printer
CAM 2 8085 8102 MJPEG cantina/kitchen
CAM 3 8086 8103 MJPEG back side of klusruimte
CAM 4 8087 8104 MJPEG front side of klusruimte
CAM 5 8088 8105 RTSP houtbewerkingsruimte (woodworking shop)
CAM 6 broken
CAM 7 8090 8107 MJPEG, source is Verint Nextiva these produce an RTP stream which are converted to MJPEG by scripting running on the shell server, see https://github.com/Peetz0r/revcaminfra.
CAM 8 8091 8108
CAM 9 8092 8109
CAM 10 8093 8110
CAM 11 These go to eleven?! (this camera doesn't actually exist yet)