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= Joining =
#REDIRECT [[Deelnemer worden]]
= Come and meet us =
Please drop by on one of our [[AgendaEvents|scheduled]] events, or any other time that we're open.
= Becoming a full participant =
Already know us, been there, done that, liked it? You can become a participant and help this hackerspace stay afloat. The official term is "deelnemer" ("participant"), not "lid" ("member"), because Revelation Space is a stichting (foundation) instead of a vereniging (association).
Participants get all the perks:
*  Key to the space (24/7);
*  Usage of all the facilities;
**  All kinds of [[Gereedschap|tools]];
**  Components;
**  Toilet & showers;
**  Pinball machine;
**  Fridge stocked with club-mate (regular, ice-T, cola), coca cola, sisi, 7up, mountain dew (green, blue, red), root beer, water, beer, and more;
**  Chocolate bars and other forms of sugars and fats;
**  Large parking lot behind the building;
**  RevSpace login for servers;
**  [[SparkShack]] to make a fire and noise in.
**  And more!
*  A vote in the metameeting decisions
*  An advisory voice in the decision-making process;
*  The right to take out the garbage.
== Fee ==
To cover monthly costs (rent, insurance, what have you), we ask participants for a monthly fee of EUR 25,00. If you really really really can not cough up the dough, please contact the board. In exceptional cases the fee may be waived. But please do understand that the space needs money to exist in the first place.
In addition, you will need to pay a EUR 15,00 deposit for the electronic key, which will be refunded to you upon return of the key.
Any money should be paid to bank account number, ABNAMRO Den Haag, Stichting Revelation Space.
== Junior Participants ==
For young hackers, (upto 18 years of age), we have a junior membership. The monthly fee is EUR 15,00. Junior members will need a signature from their parents/guardians, and will be bound by the following extra rules:
*  3 month trial period before a decision is made about key ownership
*  No unsupervised access to powertools
*  No projects involving high-current/voltage without adult supervision
After 3 months a decision will be made regarding unsupervised access to the space.
== How to register? ==
Here is what to do:
*  (Optional, but recommended) First, visit the space at least twice to get a feel for the people and the space;
*  Check out the [[Guidelines]];
*  Write down your details on [[Media:Signup.pdf|the registration form]], and hand this to one of the administrative people (foo-bar, Maxell, Juerd, hansg, WinSCaP, cfw);
*  You will receive your key upon payment of the EUR 15,00 deposit.

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