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Project Packet radio
Status In progress
Contact flok
Last Update 2014-04-07

Fiddling with packet radio. The idea is to have a node/repeater/bbs/etc on at least 27mc, maybe other frequencies as well. In revspace and in Flok's house (in Gouda).

Currently running

We have an TNC-PI which is a TNC connected to a raspberry pi interfaced to a Midland Allan 48 plus (27 MHz) radio. All this (sadly, also the antenna) is running in het kantoortje. Every five (5) minutes it sends out a beacon of information about the setup and the request to report back any receptions. Any incoming packets are being logged to the disk. If an incoming packet appears to be an APRS packet, it should get digipeated.


Increase range: setup the antenna on the roof. This requires some metalwork since our initial antenna-mount is full.

  • Add functionality
    • APRS iGate: send all incoming aprs packets to [1]
    • BBS: could be interesting just for the sake of moar RF