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RevSpace is open to various events organised by it's participants and other related groups.


When you would like to organize an event to take place at RevSpace, please consider the following rules and guidelines:

  • Announce the event/plan on a MetaMeet, and get approval from the participants.
  • The event should have some relation to the hackerspace, hacking, hacking-community, open source/free software project, etc, etc...
  • There should be a RevSpace participant present at all times. If the event is bigger, get a few people to participate.
  • It is a good idea to ask visitors to confirm their attendance in order to get a ballpark figure of the number of visitors.
  • Likewise, it may be necessary to have additional signage for parking etc.

Good idea

Things that are usually ok:

  • Project meetings for hackerspace projects, open source projects, event organisation, etc
  • Technical (software/hardware) workshops, presentations
  • Presentations/workshops regarding internet freedom, internet politics, etc.
  • etc

Bad idea

Things that are probably not ok:

  • Parties with a lot of outsiders / non hackerspace people / no hackerspace focus
  • Live music / Performance
  • Crowds > 100/150 people

Sanity check

If you are not sure if your event is going to attract interest, put it on EventIdeas and find out!

Tips & Tricks

Onderstaande paginas bevatten meer gedetailleerde uitwerking van de dingen die je regelt voor een workshop.