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  |Omschrijving=Power usage display
  |Omschrijving=Power consumption display
  |Status=In progress
  |Status=In progress

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Project NurdPower
Power consumption display
Status In progress
Contact bertrik
Last Update 2019-06-30


Shows power consumption (from MQTT) on a 7-segment display.


Wemos D1 mini connected to a TM1637 4x 7-segment display.


  • display 5V to Wemos 5V
  • display GND to Wemos GND
  • display DIO to Wemos D4
  • display CLK to Wemos D3


Source code is on github.

Basically it subscribes to the MQTT stream, receives power updates and displays them on the 7-segment display.

Uses the following libraries:

  • TM1637 driver to set the digits.
  • WifiManager
  • PubSubClient