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Event Hackerspaces New Years Party 2012
Name Hackerspaces New Years Party 2012
Website NewYearsParty2012
Contact RevSpace
Duration 2012-01-06 - 2012-01-06
Information New Years Party 2012, The best offline meetup of the year

* Location: RevSpace
* Open from: 20:00
* Ticket price: No tickets :)
* Sign-up page: You can signup on the wiki

Hackerspaces New Years Party 2012

6 Januari 2012, vanaf 20:00 tot in de latere uurtjes nodigen we dus jou en alle overige Nederlandse hackers uit voor een klein feestje in Den Haag.

Voor de oplettende lezer: Ja dit is grofweg een kopie van de 2010 editie :)


Bring your own stuff:

  • Drinks
  • Snacks
  • Stuff

We have a basic supply of beverages and snacks on sale as well, but if you want to get drunk you should bring the toxic yourself.

If you need a place to sleep, please let us know!

If you want to arrive earlier, that's probably fine but let us know..


The line-up will feature:

 * Not yet announced

If you've got some vinyl or other cool music, feel free to bring it! Especially if it's 8-bit or less..


 Revelation Space
 Binckhorstlaan 172
 2516 BG Den Haag

There's plenty of parking space in the Mercuriusweg, and a few spots on the Binckhorstlaan, at no charge at all. Yes: free parking!

Who's in?

Name Space Location Remarks
Somebody Outerspace Galaxy Please copy me
Zarya Outerspace Galaxy