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The MetaMeeting is the regular (currently bi-weekly) meeting of RevSpace members. In this meeting decisions can be made that impact the space and projects going on at the space. The MetaMeeting can also be used to discuss various issues and talk about projects, ask for assitance etc.

Regarding decision-making, the following procedure should be followed:

  1. Every decision-item should be on the MetaMeeting agenda.
  2. The decision items should be known for at least 1 week (be on the agenda a week) before the MetaMeeting
  3. When a decision item is not on the agenda, or not for the required time, it can only be discussed. A decision must/should be made at the next MetaMeeting (given the item is put on the agenda in time)
  4. Notes will be kept in the RevSpace wiki, either bij the Secretary, or someone assigned by the meeting chair
  5. Please try to remain focussed and brief, so we can get back to hacking/slacking as soon as possible

Metameetings are on tuesdays, every 2 weeks. Check the calendar on the frontpage of the wiki for the exact dates. Metameetings start at 20:00 sharp, though everyone is welcome the entire evening. Metameetings are used to announce projects/events/information and to get votes on important matters.

List of MetaMeeting notes


MetaMeeting11x12x2020 December 2011
MetaMeeting11x12x066 December 2011
MetaMeeting11x11x2222 November 2011
MetaMeeting11x11x088 November 2011
MetaMeeting11x10x2525 October 2011
MetaMeeting11x10x1111 October 2011
MetaMeeting11x09x2727 September 2011
MetaMeeting11x09x1313 September 2011
MetaMeeting11x08x3030 August 2011
MetaMeeting11x08x022 August 2011
MetaMeeting11x07x1919 July 2011
MetaMeeting11x07x055 July 2011
MetaMeeting11x06x2121 June 2011
MetaMeeting11x06x077 June 2011
MetaMeeting11x05x2424 May 2011
MetaMeeting11x05x1010 May 2011
MetaMeeting11x04x2626 April 2011
MetaMeeting11x04x1211 April 2011
MetaMeeting11x03x2929 March 2011
MetaMeeting11x03x011 March 2011
MetaMeeting11x02x1515 February 2011
MetaMeeting11x02x011 February 2011
MetaMeeting11x01x1818 January 2011
MetaMeeting11x01x044 January 2011


MetaMeeting10x12x2121 December 2010
MetaMeeting10x12x077 December 2010
MetaMeeting10x11x2323 November 2010
MetaMeeting10x11x099 November 2010
MetaMeeting10x10x2626 October 2010
MetaMeeting10x10x1212 October 2010
MetaMeeting10x09x2814 September 2010
MetaMeeting10x09x1414 September 2010
MetaMeeting10x08x3131 August 2010
MetaMeeting10x08x1717 August 2010
MetaMeeting10x07x2020 July 2010
MetaMeeting10x08x0320 July 2010
MetaMeeting10x05x2525 May 2010
MetaMeeting10x05x1111 May 2010
MetaMeeting10x04x2727 April 2010
MetaMeeting10x03x3030 March 2010
MetaMeeting10x02x022 February 2010
MetaMeeting10x01x1919 January 2010
MetaMeeting10x01x055 January 2010


MetaMeeting09x12x2323 December 2009
MetaMeeting09x12x099 December 2009
MetaMeeting09x11x2525 November 2009
MetaMeeting09x11x1111 November 2009
MetaMeeting09x10x2828 October 2009
MetaMeeting09x10x1414 October 2009
MetaMeeting09x09x3030 September 2009
MetaMeeting09x09x2020 September 2009