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Project "IRRemotes":

Project Luteijn/IRRemotes
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Status In progress
Contact Luteijn
Last Update 2018-02-03


Controlling things with an IR Remote is fun. Here's what some of my remotes send out, for easy (re)use in projects with an IR Receiver. Sniffed the codes with a Vortex robot, made up the names in the tables myself.

RC6 'windows' remote

This sends 36-bit RC6 codes. They all seem to be of the form 0xC8034x4hl. The leading C doesn't show with my current decoder of choice, or isn't really there. The x is either 8 or 0, flipping for each key pressed, so you can distinguish between a key being held or pushed twice in a row. The h and l indicate the variable bits in the code sent, the table below gives a name to each of these. Order is a left to right, top to bottom scan of the remote, treating the volume and channel + - as one, rocker, button.

RC6 'windows'
Code Label
0C power
30 pause
37 record
31 stop
29 reverse
2C play
28 forwards
21 previous
20 next
83 back
CB info
58 up
5A left
5C ok
5B right
28 down
10 vol+
11 vol-
5D logo
1E ch+
1F ch-
0D mute
9B tvrecord
3E tvguide
2E tvplay
54 disc
01 1
02 2
03 3
04 4
05 5
06 6
07 7
08 8
09 9
33 *
00 0
32 #
3A clear
2F teletext
34 enter
6D red
6E green
6F yellow
70 blue

RTeL-Cheapo remote

This El-Cheapo remote came with one of my RTL-dongles. Decodes as an NEC-code, sending a 32-bit code when a key is pressed, followed by a 0-bit code as long as the key is held.

Code Label
FFB24D Power