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Project Lasercutter
Status In progress
Contact Walter, FooBar, GMC
Last Update 2012-01-17

Lasercutter Checklist

Before using/operating the lasercutter, please check the following:

  • Fans are turned on
  • The Laser-tube is filled with water, no bubbles are visible in the stream
  • The water-pump is running without bubbles
  • The water is cool
  • The Z-axis is set correctly for your material
  • The laser output power is set correctly for your material

Then, when making a print/cut

  • Do a test-run first, with the laser power disabled, to see if your design works without errors or hitting the borders
  • Position your material efficiently
  • Keep the fire extinguisher nearby
  • Always remain at the lasercutter when it is active
  • Hit the emergency/stop button when something goes wrong

Where to get nice material for lasercutting