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   |Status=In progress
   |Status=In progress
   |Picture=2019-11-26 190712 - DSC06573.jpg

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Project LED-skirt
2019-11-26 190712 - DSC06573.jpg
Status In progress
Contact Noor
Last Update 2019-12-01

To do

  • Have six vertical stripes, circles of varying sizes, and 8x8 panel. Figure out layout.
  • Want side-emitting LEDs along the bottom, but can't find side-emitting LEDs that are also waterproof, and can't put more than 1m of non-waterproof ones in a silicon tube.
  • Diameter of crinoline bottom hoop is 80 cm. Need to add an extra 100+cm of arc length of black paneling and tulle paneling to inner layers.


2019-11-06 - 2019-11-11


2019-11-12 - 2019-11-24

  • Layout of LEDs, waiting for items to arrive.
  • Tested out LEDs under layers and on crinoline.


  • Took apart seams of inner layers of black skirt to add extra panels to fit over crinoline.


  • Measured skirt on top of crinoline. Extra panel with bottom arc length of 100+cm.
  • Decided to go with 6 strips of 23 LEDs each. Cut one strip.