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Project InductionHeater
Status Initializing
Contact smeding, gori
Last Update 2014-09-05

Idea is to make a 3kW induction spool to smelt metals and heat steel for forging. For examples see :

Smeding had designed a circuit and made a BOM, see below:

Additional hardware

In addition to the inverter circuit, at least the following things are needed to make a working induction heater

Component cost Possible sources requirments
Coil € 15 ? Gas tubing, car brake tubing Copper. Sufficient copper area to handle the current. Sufficient inner area + diameter to allow for effective cooling
heat exchanger €15 ? Car junkjard Unsure how much heat needs to be removed and at what temperatures. Worst Case would be 3 kW. A car radiator is probably good (cheap, sufficient power and an integrated fan)
Pump Possibly a pump from a domestic heater (CV). Have to check whether or not normal sizes create sufficient flow through small diameter coil tubing
Electrical connections and wiring Battery connections form scrapped cars? How much current do we expect, and how long do the wires have to be? how do we connect these to the coil tubing (Earth blocks?
Total cost € 30 (incomplete)

Now wee need financing. Initial estimate is that we need at least another 50% on top of the BOM to get the box, spiral, coolers etc. Goal is thus 150 -200 euro


  • Gori: 50 euro
  • Flok: 10 euro
  • Walter: 50 евра
  • FooBar: €20
  • bertrik: €10
  • Semafoor: €20 (more if the project is better defined)