HH2020 programming jigs

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Project Programming Jigs for HH2020 Badge
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Contact Sebastius
Last Update 2020-01-12

Made a few simple programming jigs for the HackerHotel2020 badge. It hasn't got a mounted USB or other port, so pogo-pins are needed for fast and simple connections.

4 layers of hardboard, lasercut. It's the same drawing, just different layers each time. Stackup as follows:

  • Top plate has engraving, batterybox cutout, holes for pogos, and holes for the M3 screw heads.
  • Second plate has batterybox cutout, holes for pogos and holes for M3 screws.
  • Third plate has holes for pogos and holes for M3 screws and zipties.
  • Bottom plate has no holes for the pogo pins, just holes for the M3 screws 30mm and the zipties.

Pogopins are inserted, soldered on. Lots of M3 nuts are used in the process of making the stack. Top two plates are glued together, bottom two are held together by additional M3 nuts.

Colorscheme (untested, do not use unless verified!):

  • Brown - 3.3v
  • Red - IN
  • Orange - OUT
  • Yellow - GND
  • Green - RX
  • Blue - TX
  • Purple - SCL
  • Grey - SDA
  • White - GND
  • Black - 3.3v

File:Hh2020 jig test.svg