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(Pitch in for a geiger counter:)
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| merethan || 5 || Western Union
| merethan || 5 || Western Union
| pepman || 5 || revbank

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Project Geiger counter
Crowdfunding a geiger counter for the space
Status In progress
Contact gori, thomas
Last Update 2017-11-20

We currently have a mqtt enabled geiger counter at the space, but it belongs to gori, and he would like to take it home and monitor for nuclear armageddon there, so we are looking to fund a replacement unit. The board is a simple barebones geiger counter equipped with a chinese M4011 tube. They are available from aliexpress, and cost around 35-40 euro.

If you would like to pitch in, please list your nick in the table below, along with the amount you wish to pledge.

Pitch in for a geiger counter:

Naam/Nick Aantal euro's Betalingsmethode
gori 5
Walter 5 revbank
Jos 5 revbank
thomas 5 revbank
Peetz0r 5 revbank
merethan 5 Western Union
pepman 5 revbank