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Event Foundations Friday: Software Defined Radio workshop
Name Foundations Friday: Software Defined Radio workshop

When 2019-06-28 20:00

* Location: Overgoo 1, Leidschendam
* Open from: 20:00

Prerequisites: Please bring your own RTL-SDR hardware (very cheap, $20-$40 or less) or other SDR hardware (USRP or other GNURadio supported SDR). There might be a few available @ revspace coin-op machine by the time the workshop starts.

Evening will comprise: 1. Quick introduction into GNURadio companion (have it preinstalled and git client to download the samplecode)

2. A little bit of the theory of signal processing (about an hour or 1.5 hrs) 2.1 Real signals - real-sinewaves in the timedomain / displayed using time sink / oscillioscope - Multiplying real-sinewaves and frequency domain/spectrogram (mixing in radioterms) 2.2 Complex signals - Quadrature or complex (IQ) sinewave signal sources and displaying in timedomain ('constellation' diagram) and frequency domain (FFT) - Multiplying quadrature (IQ) sinewaves and spectrogram 2.3 Filtering complex signals - Filtering IQ signals using FIR filters with complex taps - (very quick) calculating FIR filter coefficients using gr-filter of inverse FFT/inverse DFT and windowing functions, impulse response of filter

3. Radio receivers and/or detectors - Build a simple mono FM receiver using blocks with built-in feedback networks - Build a RDS FM receiver and connect it with your RTL-SDR or other gnuradio-support SDR/radiodata input device

Bonus: Build with welle.io a SDR-based DAB+ receiver. For this a QTQuick 5.x installation might be required.