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Event Final Friday: Power Side Channel Analysis on the cheapiest
Name Final Friday: Power Side Channel Analysis on the cheapiest

Duration 29 Mar 2019 20:30 - 29 Mar 2019 22:30

* Location: Overgoo 1, Leidschendam


Want to recover cryptographic keys by just looking at a chip's power usage?

In this workshop we will show you how to break AES with just ~5 euro of equipment (plus your laptop and a bit of code).

Following in the tradition of the ChipWhisperer, but with even cheaper hardware, come and join the world of hardware side channel attacks. With a simple custom PCB (schematics provided), a cheap off-the-shelf MCU and a handful of supporting components, you'll have no problem stealing the keys.


  • Laptop (which you're willing to connect to homemade electronics) running VirtualBox (VM will be provided closer to the workshop date)
  • Very basic knowledge of programming/electronics (although you don't have to code anything) and cryptography (what is AES, what's it for?)


We can cope with about 12 people (6 groups of 2 people).

  1. jelly
  2. Sebastius
  3. minicom
  4. polyfloyd
  5. pinoaffe
  6. Boekenwuurm
  7. Juerd
  8. joepie91
  9.  ?