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Project ESP32-CAM
Cheap webcams with Wifi, what could possibly go wrong?
Status Initializing
Contact noopwafel, Sebastius
Last Update 2019-01-29


It's an ESP32 board with a camera, running a web server, so it acts as an inexpensive webcam.


To flash the module, do not forget the jumper between pins IO0 and GND!



The CameraWebServer example can be compiled as a platformio project:

To build the code, clone the git repo above, cd into it, then type

 pio run

To upload it to the board (put a jumper between IO0 and GND):

 pio run -t upload

To watch the debug output (remove the jumper):

 pio device monitor

Platformio can be installed on a Debian Linux system as follows:

 sudo apt-get install python-pip
 sudo pip install platformio
 pio upgrade