Deur Opener v2

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Project Deuropener Versie 2
Status Initializing
Contact cfw
Last Update 2013-06-05

The door opening mechanism on the front door of "De Verlichting" needs a redesign.

It should be somewhat more durable (current mtbf is around 2 months) and the appearance could be improved.

We invite participants to adopt this project.

Ideas area

Ideas regarding unlock mechanism:

  1. We've looked into a winch servo, but with the torque needed they are just as expensive as linear actuators
  2. Linear actuators are a good option and could be "retrofitted", but still reasonably expensive.
  3. How about something like this? Electric Strike. Not as easy to install, however they are cheap, easy to operate and unlock the door instantly. (12V = unlocked, 0V = locked)