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* <strike>Make sure the signup-form makes it's way to the secretary</strike>
* Add the person's e-mail address to the participantsonly and revspace mailinglists
** https://lists.sig-io.nl/mailman/admin/revspace/members/add
** https://lists.sig-io.nl/mailman/admin/participantsonly/members/add
* Create an ldap account for the user, the unix userid is 10000+signup-number
* When the participant has/wants an ibutton:
** Charge the participant a €15,- deposit
** Write a secret into the ibutton
** Add the secret and id to the ibutton acl
** Distribute the ibutton acl
** Let the participant test the ibutton
* Make a bar-account for the participant
* Give them the tour/introduction if they haven't had it yet
* Mail then the [[NewParticipantMail]] text
* Mail then the [[NewParticipantMail]] text

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Checklist voor bestuursleden om het toevoegen van nieuwe deelnemers goed te laten verlopen

When adding a new participant, make sure you complete the following actions, or make sure they are executed by someone else:

  • Add the personal data to participants.txt in git, also make sure to commit and push this change

Deelnemer 42, ingeschreven op 2022-12-06
    "Full Name (Nickname)" <email@example.com>
    Taustraat 624 - 1337 XY  Den Haag