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Project CubeCell
Low-power LoRaWAN Board
Status In progress
Contact bertrik
Last Update 2020-06-09


This page is about the CubeCell board from, aka HTCC-AB01

the github page for the Arduino code

What I'd like to investigate:

  • Does it have an RTC?
  • Can we run the arduino-lmic library on this? This should be possible because arduino-lmic is also targeted to a sx12x2 core.
  • Can we compile the code with platformio? YES



  • based on an ASR605x (ARM cortex M0+ core) + SX1262(?) radio chip
  • low power, only microamps sleep current
  • battery connection
  • solar cell connection
  • pinout


Example code:

What I'd like to do for a LoraBatBox:

  • register with OTAA (and remember the session keys)
  • wake up when there is movement sensed by the PIR
  • keep track of times when movement was detected (in wall-clock time)
  • send activity (say) once per hour to TTN