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Stichting Revelation Space
Spoorlaan 5d
2495 AL  Den Haag

Google Maps (Street view)

GPS: Latitude: 52° 3' 47.667" Longitude: 4° 22' 6.1752" (52.063241,4.368382)
QTH locator: JO22EB

By train

Travel to Voorburg station. RevSpace is about 15 minutes / 1.2 km walking from the station.

You may want to check-out, bookmark or print the following directions: Walking directions from Voorburg station

By car

You do have some kind of satnav, right? :-)

Parking's free, by the way.

Other info you might be looking for

  • IBAN/SEPA Nummer: NL69ABNA0431158207
  • BIC Nummer: ABNANL2A
  • Banknaam: ABN AMRO
  • IANA PEN: 36206
  • KvK: 27363894