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   |Name=CCCamp19 Tickets
   |Name=CCCamp19 Tickets

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Project CCCamp19 Tickets
CCCamp15 Fairydust Night.jpg
Status Completed
Contact Foobar, Sebastius
Last Update 2019-08-04

De kaartverkoop voor CCCamp 2019 (21 aug tot 25 aug) gaat dmv vouchers. Geef hieronder jouw interesse aan. Voor de prijs-opties, zie https://tickets.events.ccc.de/camp2019/

Er zijn zo te zien geen 'ccc-member' of 'budget' tickets... alleen regular (295,-) en supporter (350) of business (490 / 750)

Badge kost 20 euro extra voor een gegarandeerde badge. Betaal je niet, dan heb je wel kans op een badge maar geen gegarandeerde badge. En het project kan het geld goed gebruiken ;)

2019/07/19: All tickets ordered via Revspace have been sent-out between 17:00 and 18:00 today. Check your mailboxes

Ticket preordered via RevSpace

Revspace Participants

Name Ticket type (Standard, Supporter, Up-and-coming) Deposited to revbank Ticket ordered Mode de transport
Sebastius SynQ Regular+Badge ja, 2019-05-22 ja+badge ?
deurknop Regular+Badge ja, 2019-05-22 ja+badge Train
Cmpxchg_ Regular + Badge ja, 2019-05-22 ja+badge Car
Juerd Regular ja, 2019-05-22 ja Car
joepie91 audionerd Regular+badge Ja, 2019-05-22 ja+badge Car
FooBar Regular direct direct Car
benadski Regular ja, 2019-05/22 ja None at the moment
qguv Regular + badge ja, 2019-05-23 ja+badge Trein!!!!!!!
Jelle Regular + badge Ja, 2019-05-23 ja+badge Looking for transport
pinoaffe Regular ja, 2019-05-24 ja tbd
Walter 2x Regular ja, 2019-05-26 ja public transport
Okz0r Regular + badge ja, 2019-05-27 ja ?
f0x Regular + badge ja ja tbd


Name Ticket type ( Regular, Supporter) Deposited to revbank Ticket ordered Mode de transport
BusyR 1x Regular + 1x Up-and-Coming ja, 2019-05-25 ja Car
elanthia 1x Supporter + badge ja, 2019-05-27 ja ?
benadski 2x Regular +badges ja ja (2x +2x badge) ?
zawadi (Yassine Aboukir) 1 x supporter ja ja ?
Nido 1x Regular + badge ja, 2019-06-04 ja+badge

Waiting list

"On 2019-06-18, 10:00 CEST, the CCC will release all remaining tickets for sale via voucher." RevSpace heeft vooralsnog geen specifiek plan daarvoor.

It might be sold out in seconds anyway... if you found a voucher try your luck at 10:00 tomorrow.

Tickets for sale

None so far.

Hotel rooms available

Foobar has 1 deluxe double room available to take over in 'Resort Kormoran' (closest hotel, 10km by car, shorter by bike, bikerental on site) for 21-25 august, for the low low price of 225,-


Seats available

Name Capacity (seats) Capacity (luggage) Fuel type Fuel economy Costs Pick-up Arrival Leave Other
polyfloyd 2 1 bag+tent/person, maybe a little more liquid dinosaurs ~14KM/L fuel cost / num people Amersfoort CS 20 25
You? # # # # # # # # #

Seats needed

Name Luggage requirements Driving license Desired arrival Desired leave
Damnlie backpack and tentstuff nope 17aug-19aug 25 or 26aug
benadski a lot of stuff yes aug aug
You? # # # #

Seats taken

Name Seats
You? #