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* microphone is SPM0408LE5H, [https://www.mouser.com/datasheet/2/218/-532499.pdf datasheet]
* microphone is SPM0408LE5H, [https://www.mouser.com/datasheet/2/218/-532499.pdf datasheet]
* processor is EFM32WG380F256
* processor is EFM32WG380F256, [https://www.silabs.com/mcu/32-bit/efm32-wonder-gecko/device.efm32wg380f256-qfp100 link]
== Software ==
== Software ==

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I plan to buy an AudioMoth board, and improve its software:


See https://circuithub.com/projects/OpenAcoustics/AudioMoth

  • microphone is SPM0408LE5H, datasheet
  • processor is EFM32WG380F256, link


My fork on github: https://github.com/bertrik/AudioMoth-Project



Use this platformio.ini file:

 src_dir = src,fatfs_src
 include_dir = inc,fatfs_inc
 framework = zephyr
 platform = siliconlabsefm32
 board = efm32wg_stk3800

Install platformio:

 sudo apt install python3-pip
 sudo pip3 install platformio
 sudo pip3 install -U PyYAML

Compile it:

 pio run