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What is Revelation Space?

Revelation Space is a non-profit foundation, founded in 2009 to facilitate a meeting and project space in The Hague for researchers and hobbyists that relate to technology, science, art and culture.

We offer a location for workshops, presentations and lectures about electronics, software and engineering in general. These are organised by our participants, or the general public, based on their personal drive for sharing.

In addition, Revelation Space has a workshop where people can use tools and materials.

Finally, the space functions as a place for social gathering, where people meet and exchange ideas and knowledge.

Where can I read more about hackerspaces?

Wikipedia has an article about hackerspaces (Dutch). More can be found at Hackerspaces.org.

Do I have to be a paying participant to participate?

In general, guests are welcome whenever the space is open. However, as a foundation and as a community we depend on contribution fees and donations to survive. Official participants get extra privileges; read more about this on the Membership page.

I would like to know more

Please drop by on one of our scheduled events, you can find us in The Hague at this location, or send an email to revspace@revspace.nl.

And / Or join a mailing list: https://revspace.nl/mediawiki/index.php?title=Mailing_lists.

Want to promote an event to the Hackerspaces?

For passing on announcements to the whole Dutch Hackerspace community you can email general@hackerspaces.nl.