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Project 35C3 Tickers
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Status Initializing
Contact Foobar
Last Update 2018-10-13

Vouchers for RevSpace participants

To streamline the procedure for this year, and make sure we can get our tickets when the voucher phase starts, please follow the procedure below:

  • Sign up on the list below, specifying which kind of ticket you want (140, 160, 270, 120 euro, other, see: https://tickets.events.ccc.de/35c3/ )
  • Deposit cash or transfer money to your revspace revbank account (or make sure there is enough in there)
  • Revspace will buy the tickets
  • First come, first serve. RevSpace participants first, friends after the first two weeks.


Revspace Participants

Name in revbank Ticket type (Budget, regular, supporter, CCC member) Deposited to revbank Ticket ordered Mode de transport
Sebastius Regular paid yes, received
FooBar Regular paid yes, received car
Juerd CCC member paid yes, received
Jelle Regular paid yes, received
joepie91 Regular paid yes, received 35C3 bus or train
merethan Supporter paid yes, received 35C3 bus or carpooling
Kinroy Regular yes ordered 35C3 bus or train or car
bwb Supporter yes ordered probably train
Deurknop Regular yes ordered 35C3 bus if possible
Okkie Budget yes ordered 35C3 bus of fiets (en trein)
minicom Budget yes ordered car
h3x4d3c1m4l Regular yes car
Lukkie+1 Regular not yet bus or car
Kamitor Regular not yet (2nd week october) 35C3 bus or with car


Name in revbank Ticket type (Budget, regular, supporter, CCC member) Deposited to revbank
Zawadi(voor een vriend) 3x regular not yet
dexter (via bwb) Regular not yet
Mend0x (via Peetz0r) Regular not yet
CyBr (via Kinroy Revbank acount) Regular not yet
h3x4d3c1m4l (voor vriendengroep) 9x Budget not yet
OkZ0r + 1 2x Budget not yet
Annemarie? (via merethan) (nog niet zeker) Regular not yet
? Regular not yet


Sebastius is planning a bus-rental ... see 35c3bus

People going by car and offering space:

  1. Someone